Command Overview

Command Available in Context Description
adel Anywhere Delete a CLI alias. Since 7.3.0.
alist Anywhere List a single or all CLI aliases. Since 7.3.0.
ar Anywhere Show all available Routers
asave Anywhere Saves all defined CLI aliases into the specified file or, if a filename is not specified, into the default .init.cli file. Since 7.3.0.
aset Anywhere Define a CLI alias. Since 7.3.0.
authenticate Router Authenticates access to the Management Swiftlet of that router. This is only required if the management access is password protected.
backup /sys$store/backup Performs an online backup.
cc Router Change to context <context>. Use '..' to go up one level.
commit /sys$xa/usage/prepared-tx Commits the XA transaction with entity name <entityname>.
copy /sys$queuemanager/usage Copy messages from a source queue to a target queue or topic. Since 7.3.0.
delete Any Entity List Delete entity <entity>
delfile /sys$filecache/usage Delete a single of all files from a file cache. Since 9.4.0.
describe Any Entity Show full description of property <prop>
echo Anywhere Prints a message. Since 7.3.0.
execute Anywhere Executes a CLI script. Since 7.3.0.
exit Anywhere Exit CLI
export /sys$queuemanager/usage Export messages from a queue into a local directory. Since 9.3.0.
gc /.env/router-memory-list Runs garbage collection on the router.
halt Router Halt the router
help Anywhere Displays a list of all available commands.
import /sys$queuemanager/usage Import messages from a local directory into a queue. Since 9.3.0.
lc Router List the context <context> or, if not specified, list the current context.
listfile /sys$filecache/usage List the content of a file cache. Since 9.4.0.
move /sys$queuemanager/usage Moves messages from a source queue to a target queue or topic. Since 7.3.0.
new Any Entity List Create a new entity <name>, optional specify property/value pairs.
output Anywhere Redirects result output to a file or to the console (default).
reboot Router Reboot the router
remove /sys$queuemanager/usage Removes messages from queue <queuename>.
reset /sys$queuemanager/usage Resets the produced/consumed counters of queue <queuename>. Since 8.0.0.
rollback /sys$xa/usage/prepared-tx Rollback the XA transaction with entity name <entityname>.
save Router Save this router configuration
set Any Entity Set property <prop> to value <value> or to null
show template Any Entity List Show the template for new entities
shrink /sys$store/database Shrinks the data store page.db
sr Anywhere Switch to Router <router>
substitute Anywhere Substitutes variables in a command. Since 11.0.0.
sum Any Entity List Aggregates the values of properties.
var Any Entity List Lists, sets or removes variables. Since 11.0.0.
view /sys$queuemanager/usage View messages of queue <queuename> from <startidx> to <stopidx>. The result is optionally reduced by a <selector> and the message body optionally truncated to <n> characters. The result is displayed in XML.
verbose Anywhere Verbose mode on/off
wr Anywhere Wait for availability of Router <router>