Streams Swiftlet

SwiftMQ Streams - A Microservice Platform for Realtime Streaming Analytics, Complex Event Processing, Enterprise Integration Patterns inside the SwiftMQ Universal Router.


Introduction to SwiftMQ Streams.

Stream Interface

Documentation of the Stream Interface.

Stream Scripts

Developing Stream Scripts.

Stream Dependencies

Descibes how to specify start/stop dependencies between Streams.

Best Practice: Packaging, Deployment

Describes best practice of packaging and deployment.

Advanced Topics

Scale Streams, Add Streams to existing Queues, HA Streams.

Managing Streams

Create/Delete Streams with SwiftMQ Explorer.

Monitoring Streams

Monitor active Streams with SwiftMQ Explorer.

System Streams

Predefined system and general purpose Streams.

Job Scheduling

Describes how to schedule the activation/deactivation of streams as a job via the Scheduler Swiftlet.


Example Streams.


Describes the configuration of the Streams Swiftlet.