This section provides links to the documentation of all Swiftlets contained in the SwiftMQ Universal distribution.

Accounting Swiftlet

Provides accounting and statistics to a SwiftMQ Universal Router (since 8.0.0).

AMQP Swiftlet

Full featured AMQP 1.0 Message Broker and Client Implementation

Authentication Swiftlet

Autentication entity for a router and router network.

Deploy Swiftlet

Deploy Swiftlet for hot deployment of SwiftMQ components.

File Cache Swiftlet

Reliable and high performance Filetransfer over JMS and File Storage.

JMS XA/ASF Swiftlet

The JMS Swiftlet provides an implementation of JMS 1.1 specification. It does implement the publish/subscribe and the point-to-point message model. It does also implement distributed transactions (XA) and application server facilities (ASF) like ConnectionConsumer as specified in chapter 8 of the JMS specification.

JMS Application Container Swiftlet

The JMS Application Container Swiftlet enables you to run your JMS applications as a component inside the SwiftMQ router. JMS applications use an intra-VM JMS client and are either defined statically or can be hot deployed (incl. version upgrades) during runtime. Any Java application can run as a job via the Scheduler Swiftlet and jobs can be hot deployed.

JNDI Swiftlet

JNDI 1.2.1 compliant JNDI server, federated and filesystem based JNDI contexts.

Log Swiftlet

Log Facility.

Management Swiftlet

The Management Swiftlet is the management facility of a SwiftMQ router.

Monitor Swiftlet

The Monitor Swiftlet sends alert eMails to an administrator when configured thresholds of queue size, number connections or memory usage is reached.

Network Swiftlet

Network Swiftlet.

Queue Manager Swiftlet

The Queue Manager Swiftlet manages all queues of a SwiftMQ router.

Routing Swiftlet

The Routing Swiftlet provides connectivity to other SwiftMQ routers.

Scheduler Swiftlet

The Scheduler Swiftlet is an enterprise job scheduler to run registered jobs at a configurable schedule which can be based on stackable calendars.

Store Swiftlet

Super-fast transactional, XA-capable, file-based, state-of-the-art data store with write-ahead log and online backup.

Streams Swiftlet

SwiftMQ Streams - A Microservice Platform for Realtime Streaming Analytics, Complex Event Processing, Enterprise Integration Patterns inside the SwiftMQ Universal Router.

Threadpool Swiftlet

The Threadpool Swiftlet manages thread pools for a SwiftMQ router.

Timer Swiftlet

The Timer Swiftlet manages internal timers for a SwiftMQ router.

Topic Manager Swiftlet

The Topic Manager Swiftlet manages Topics for the Publish/Subscribe Message Model.

Trace Swiftlet

The Trace Swiftlet provides a central trace facility for a SwiftMQ router.

XA Resource Manager Swiftlet

Central XA Resource Manager for a router to manage XA transactions.

Kernel Swiftlet Replacements

Kernel Swiftlet Replacements replace standard Kernel Swiftlets which are part of the standard SwiftMQ Universal distribution. They provide different and/or extended functionaility like JMS with XA support.

Extension Swiftlets

Extension Swiftlets extend the functionality of a SwiftMQ Universal Router. They are "hot deployed" via the Deploy Swiftlet (see docs there).