SwiftMQ Dashboard 0.7 (Preview 3) available

What is SwiftMQ Dashboard?

SwiftMQ Dashboard visualizes data produced from SwiftMQ Streams. It can be used as a management and monitoring tool for SwiftMQ Router Networks as well as to visualize any data of any message stream that flows throw a SwiftMQ Router.

SwiftMQ Dashboard complements SwiftMQ Streams and will make SwiftMQ the only messaging system in the world that integrates realtime streaming analytics and visualization in one product where SwiftMQ Router is the data producer, SwiftMQ Streams analyze and SwiftMQ Dashboard visualizes it.

The big advantage for SwiftMQ customers is to be able to analyze and visualize their existing message flow ad hoc without changing message content or clients.

SwiftMQ Dashboard will be part of SwiftMQ Universal and HA Router at no extra cost!

New in Preview 3

Public URLs

Network Operation Centers (NOC) have large monitoring screens that require to start a web browser with an URL without the need to login on every screen. SwiftMQ Dashboard provides public URLs for this purpose. They don't require login and can be used to display a single dashboard full screen. They can also be used to embed it into any web page, e.g. for custom intranet monitoring pages as seen above and here:

Warehouse Simulation (online)

We have created a simulation of an online warehouse with customers, producers, shippers, a store and accounting. SwiftMQ Streams is used to intercept the message streams and to analyze the data. This all without touching the application or the messages. This is an example on how custom dashboards can be created on base of any custom message flow.

Please use the following URL to login to the warehouse dashboards:

SwiftMQ Router Network Monitoring / Management (online)

The preview version is deployed on an Amazon EC2 instance (EU / Ireland). SwiftMQ Dashboard is connected to a router network consisting of 2 routers (router1, router2).

Please use the following URL to the router monitoring/management dashboards: