SwiftMQ Streams

Realtime Streaming Analytics inside your SwiftMQ Universal Router.

Runs inside

High performance realtime streaming analytics engine, works on message streams, runs inside a SwiftMQ Universal Router and can be easily integrated into existing infrastructures and data feeds.

Realtime Streaming Analytics

Streams consume messages from any source, build data histories, analyze, aggregate, correlate message data and generate higher qualified results.

Everything you need

Sliding, tumbling, session windows | event time processing | late arrival handling | queue, topic, management inputs | queue, topic, eMail outputs

Fully Scriptable

Implement streams in a scripting language of choice. Any JSR 223 compliant scripting engine such as JavaScript, Groovy or Scala can be used. These scripts use a elegant and powerful Java DSL, the Stream Interface, to interact with the stream.

Enrich from Databases

Stream message data can be enriched on the fly from any JDBC compliant database.


Streams can be connected via intermediate queues and topics router network wide to implement complex analytics in multiple, exchangeable, micro services like steps.

High Available

No data is lost or processed twice in case of a HA failover due to HA transaction consistency.


SwiftMQ Streams is included in SwiftMQ Universal Router at no extra charge.